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April 11, 2017

If you are in an abusive relationship, and have decided to leave your abuser. Ask yourself, where do I go and what do I do?

The first thing you need to know when leaving your abuser, is that this is the most dangerous time. Statistics show that women who leave their abu...

April 11, 2017

If you think someone is being abused ask yourself some questions:

1. Is she acting out of character?

2. Has she quit her job, or told you how much her man loves her because he never wants her to work?

3. Does she style her hair differently?

4. Has she stopped wearing make...

April 11, 2017

A number of years ago, I was 18 months pregnant, and had a miscarriage. The next Sunday I was in church. I started getting emotional during the worship service, so I went downstairs to the lady’s room. I started to cry, this was a very hard time for me. A lady I knew c...

April 11, 2017

1. Does he cut her off, or finish her sentences when she is speaking?

2. If family or friends visit, is he always present?

3. If they attend gatherings, such as, dinners or cook-outs, is he always in close range?

4. If she is on the telephone, does he ask who she is talki...

April 11, 2017


Domestic Violence is a repeated pattern of behavior used to instill fear and gain power and control over another person.

Take this Quiz to see if you are in an abusive relationship!


  1. I am afraid of my partner.

  2. I cannot express my opinio...

April 11, 2017

God spoke to me one morning, while driving to my counseling session. Yes, because of what had happened the night before, I am healed and have a renewed spirit within me.

In 2009, I was driving on I-70 at night, the roads were slippery and I was driving fast. All of a su...

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